31. May 2013 03:00 PM

Admiralität 56 Grundstücks- und Verwaltungsgesellschaft

Hotel Zollenspieker Fährhaus

Marvelling, biking, playing, savouring. Roughly one year after the completion of the new four star Hotel Zollenspieker Fährhaus the outdoor areas now are also worth a visit – thanks to the cooperation with the City of Bergedorf. By the way, just in time to celebrate Yacht Club Zollenspieker's 50th birthday.

Whether it is from the viewing platform of the wave breaker, the circular bike trail, the new children’s playground, or directly from the hotel terrace: visitors can enjoy the unique green framed backdrop of the Elbe River that attracts business people, weekenders and excursionists to stop at km 598.5 of the Elbe.

The Sellhorn Group is builder, planner and also operator of the new Hotel Zollenspieker Fährhaus. In close cooperation with Admiralität 56 Grundstücks- und Verwaltungsgesellschaft as builders, Sellhorn Ingenieurgesellschaft assumed the project management, coordinated the architectural and engineering services and supervised the construction work. After successful completion of the project, VVB Vierländer Betriebsgesellschaft mbH & Co. KG is in charge of the operations management since April 2012.